Viewing embedded data in survey editor

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Viewing embedded data in survey editor

We want to insert piped text via embedded data fields using Qualtrics API

I am able to insert embedded data successfully using the API. But Piped Text appears as a line of code in survey editor and only when I preview, it is replaced with the inserted value

Is there any way to see piped text value in survey editor directly?



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    To add a little to this, the reason it comes across as a line of code is because the code is designed to pipe in the correct value at the time of the survey, which often won't be a static value. there is no way to know what the value should be at the time of programming (that isn't a completely true statement, but close enough).

    For example, if you address your survey as "Thank you [piped text FirstName]" and you send the survey to 2 people. 1 with FirstName=Steve, and 1 with FirstName=Sandy, then you would want that line to read:
    1-Thank you Steve.
    1-Thank you Sandy.


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