Community Coding Challenge: The Ultimate Theme

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Community Coding Challenge: The Ultimate Theme

Many of you have reached out letting us know of your busy schedules around this time of year! Although we've already gotten some awesome survey submissions, we want everyone who wants to participate to get a chance to do so. We have decided to extend this competition to December 7th to see what else you've got! Good luck!

A new challenge is here and and unlike our past Community Challenges - CUSTOM CODE IS ENCOURAGED! It comes as no surprise that some of you love to code, and we want you to showcase your skills. If you don’t have any coding knowledge that’s okay! This is a great opportunity for you to take some time to learn the basics of CSS and maybe even JavaScript! We bet you’d be surprised how fun it can actually be. Not to mention, a nicely designed survey look and feel can only add to the experience of your survey taker.

The Challenge

The challenge is plain and simple - design an awesome survey look and feel! To somewhat level the playing field, you must design a look and feel surrounding your favorite video game. Your age or generation or video game skill level doesn’t matter - you could theme your survey around Solitaire, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Snake, Skyrim, Call of Duty, we don’t care! But, we know all of you have played something before. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box!


  • The survey you create can include no more than 5 questions. We want the survey to be basic, and the theme to be extraordinary. Please only use Multiple Choice, Matrix, Text Entry or Slider question types.
  • Design a theme that looks good to you! When it comes to design, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Some designers think less is always the best, while others let their imaginations run wild. Do what feels right to you!
  • You can add as little or as much custom code as you’d like. You don’t have to limit yourself to just CSS. Add effects to your question transitions, add graphics that pop out, make your text change colors - go crazy!
  • Help each other out! If you get stuck and don’t know how to add a sweet animation to your next button, don’t be afraid to ask other community members for help on this post - only after you search the community for answers first, of course :). After all, it wouldn’t be as fun for a turtle to win a race against only snails. Right?!


All participants who complete this challenge will earn a badge! Qualtrics will then choose two runner-ups and a top winner (3 total) and share the winning survey within the Community! If your submission is the winner, you will win a badge worth 50 points - that’s nearly halfway to our Guru prize! If you are a runner-up, you will get a badge worth 20 points. The winner will be decided by members of our very own Design Team - those Product Specialists who build custom themes! We will send a survey out to our Design Team with links to all of your submissions.

How to Submit Your Entry

Export your survey as a QSF file and upload it as a file in this survey.


1) Only one entry allowed per person.
2) Entry must be submitted by Friday, December 7th at 11:59pm MST.


  • dsweeneydsweeney Melbourne, AustraliaCommunity Member Guru ✭✭

    I'm trying to submit my survey, but the file submission question seems to be a text field, rather than a file upload question. Am I missing something?

  • LaurenKLaurenK Provo, UTCommunity Administrator Administrator

    Hey @dsweeney! Go ahead and refresh the survey page and you will see the correct file upload question. We can't wait to see what you have come up with!

  • dsweeneydsweeney Melbourne, AustraliaCommunity Member Guru ✭✭

    Thanks @LaurenK,
    That's working now.
    I've gone old school. I hope you like it.

  • NiCNiC Community Member Superuser ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @LaurenK
    Those of us who have submitted an entry can we renter or modify our entry ? This is because i submitted it before the holidays due to the deadline and had some changes to be done.

  • LaurenKLaurenK Provo, UTCommunity Administrator Administrator

    @NiC go for it! We will only count the most recent survey response you submit!

  • LaurenKLaurenK Provo, UTCommunity Administrator Administrator

    REMINDER: There are only a few hours left in this competition! Be sure to submit your entry by midnight!

  • LaurenKLaurenK Provo, UTCommunity Administrator Administrator
    edited December 2018

    Thank you to all who participated! I'm happy to announce the winner of this competition is @NiC! Check out his winning survey here!

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