photos in css

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photos in css

Hello. When using css, what is the best way to add photos and to address them by css?


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    Hello @Brosen ,

    Hope the following will help you:

    We can add photos using <img> tag in HTML as follows:
    <img id="imgID" class="imgClass" src="IMAGE_URL" />

    We can refer the <img> tag in the css in the following ways:
    1. Using Tag -> img{ //css attributes }
    2. Using id -> #imgID{ //css attributes }
    3. Using class -> .imgClass{ //css attributes }

    Two or more <img>tag can have same class name but different ID name.
    The best way is to assingn different ID to different <img> tag(if they are several) and target each of them using id, allowing you to add different css property to different <img> tag


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