Piped text from constant sum answers

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Piped text from constant sum answers

I have a sizeable constant sum question (with 20+ answer choices) where I ask respondents to input how they allocate their time across the 20+ activities, with the answers totaling to 100%. I want to then follow-up with a matrix table question asking the respondents their satisfaction with the activities where they spend greater than 0% of their time. I anticipate respondents entering percentages for a few of the 20+ answer choices and want to make sure I pipe in only those answers greater than 0 as the "statement" choices into the follow-up matrix table question.

The standard piped question options doesn't offer a 'survey question' > 'choice with value > 0' choice, so was wondering if there is a way to code this in. Thanks ahead of time for the help!

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    On your Matrix question use Carry Forward Statements. Then choose Choice Responses - Greater Than and type in 0.

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