Constant Sum question Total Show the Sum of Items selected

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Constant Sum question Total Show the Sum of Items selected

Need some help trying to create a question that works this way...

Users sees a list of items with associated prices. E.G. A $10 B $100, C $150
User can choose any combination of items they like and when they do so, the Constant Sum Total cell shows the $Total for those selected.
E.G. A and B shows $110, B and C shows $260.

The only way I can figure out how to do this currently, is to use the standard constant sum question w/Total and have the user type in the $ figure
for each item they choose. Not horrible UX but I would prefer they just select the items using the check boxes.

Any ideas or help would be most appreciated.


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    Accepted Answer

    You'll have to write some JavaScript...

    Put each price in a span with a specific class, something like:

    A $<span class="price">10</span>
    B $<span class="price">100</span>

    Then any time a choice is clicked, find the selected items then within those find all the prices and add them up. Then update a total field (e.g. <span id="total">0</span> ) you place in the QuestionText or append to the bottom of the QuestionBody.

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