NEW: Academic Support Portal Information for Brand Admins!

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NEW: Academic Support Portal Information for Brand Admins!

Hello Qualtrics Brand Administrators!

To help your students and researchers use Qualtrics, and to ensure that you, as the Brand Admin, never need to update Qualtrics’ support links in the future, the Qualtrics DSX Team has built a permanent Academic Support Portal linking to:

There are two ways you can implement the Academic Support Portal on your site that contains Qualtrics resources for students, staff and coworkers:
Iframe code: <iframe src=""></iframe>

  • For the least hassle and the most updated info, insert the above iframe code to pull in the Academic Support Portal on your site. We’ve designed this iframe to highlight the optimum support materials, and as we grow, we will update the content from our end so you will never have to worry about updating your resources again!


  • If you don’t want to use an iframe, that’s okay! Copy the above link for the Academic Support Portal and add it to your site along with any supporting text or images that you deem appropriate.

If you are a Brand Admin and have any additional questions about the Academic Portal, feel free to reach out to me!


  • jesslyn_boisclairjesslyn_boisclair Community Member Qubie ✭

    I'm curious if there's any concern about the experience getting through to contacting support from this portal. I touched upon this here but wanted to reiterate that it is time-consuming to navigate through the portal to where you can actually see a phone number/chat portal/email address.

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