Populate answer choice with prior responses from other respondents?

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Populate answer choice with prior responses from other respondents?

Is it possible to populate a drop down menu with survey responses from other respondents, who have taken the survey in the past? For example, if I have a question where Person 1 enter details about a project, and then the next day Person 2 might want to enter details of an event that falls under that same project. I would like to create a drop down menu that would show all projects that people have already entered, allowing Person 2 to choose one of those previously entered values.

I have looked into piped text and understand that can be used to make a persons response to a question earlier in the survey appear in a question later on, but what I'm wanting to do is populate other people's prior responses into the survey question.

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    Hello @tanners ,

    Assuming there are two questions- 1.To add new project OR 2.Choose project from the list

    We can maintain a single contact in the contact list and add a contact list trigger in the survey that update an embedded data to that single contact with the text of Q1. (with comma separator) along with previous data present in that embedded data. So in order to pull the previous embedded data from the contact list, we need to add authenticator on that single contact. Now this embedded data has all the responses of the respondent for Q1 with comma separated.
    Also we need to make Q2 open ended and hide Input text and replace with drop down with options of embedded data (comma separated) using JS. Now on change event of the Custom drop down we need to put the selected option text in the hidden input text field.

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