How to create a nested design?

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How to create a nested design?


I am designing a between-subject study with 4 factors. Factors 1-3 each has 2 conditions. Factor 4 has 8 conditions and is nested within Factor 3. All materials are manipulated with a single image. If I include all combinations of conditions, I need to create hundreds of images.

Is there a better way to make it in Qualtrics?

Thank you!

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    dear @evans ,

    As I understand it, you have three factors (1,2 and 3) that are randomly assigned to an individual. You can either use randomization or quotas to force people down different paths resulting in an equal distribution across treatments. I am assuming that you are not working with a contact list where you can preassign individuals (which would be simple and allow simple display logic or if/then statements).

    It also looks like you only have 2 conditions for factor 4 (1234 and 5678). In which case you only need 2 images. On the other had if you have 1 of 4 conditions to each of the S and P factor, you can also use either survey flow or display logic to show or hide the images within the groups (if in treatment P randomly show one of 1-4, if in group S randomly show one of 5-8). You can use the description question type to include the images and display logic to hide all but the relevant option.

    In short, this all boils down to either quotas or randomization with display logic.

    In short, maximum you should have

    factor 1 (2) + factor 2 (2) + factor 3 (2) + factor 4 (8) = 14 question/options, not hundreds. It may actually be less with piped text allowing you to substitute different information into the same questions.

    I hope that helps.



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    In case you want to show your rates man images, you can use Loop&merge with images Here is a discussion about it.
    Nevertheless, I do not understand what exactly you want to do from your question.

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