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Survey Request Form

Since implementing Qualtrics just over a year ago, our survey requests have gone up 112% (wow!). Due to this increase in volume, I've been toying around with the idea of using Qualtrics to create a survey request form. I would embed this form on our website and use it to assign and track survey projects. Has anyone else already developed this sort of form? If so, what questions are you asking and how detailed is the form?


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    I haven't done this personally. But if I were to set up a survey for requesting surveys, here are a few of the things I would consider necessary.

    • Basic Requester Info (Though this was probably obvious)
    • Timeline info
    • Project scope and goals
    • A large open ended question for providing details about what they need
    • Possibly an optional file upload, for providing questionnaire or relevant documentation

    I would also strongly consider reminding them that submitting a request does not guarantee a projects approval or completion. And letting them know they will receive a confirmation if their project is approved.

    Just my two cents!

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    We don't have this, often times when our marketing staff meet with colleagues requesting surveys or websites we find that they aren't actually asking for the correct thing. So we have found in-person kick off meetings very helpful to alleviate asking for a type of solution but rather pushing to focus on what questions it is they need answered. Some people who want to survey actually should be using secondary sources to answer their questions.

    However, seeing that your volume has gone up so much I am betting it's not a option for you to have personal meetings with everyone. Some things that I might consider on this form:

    • Business objectives/questions you want the survey to address
    • Who you will be surveying & how (upload a sample file, tell you where an anonymous link would be posted, if the link will go in an email blast through another system)
    • When was the last time they surveyed this group and for what purpose
    • Space to upload a questionnaire if they have already taken a stab at it

    I find it really hard to imagine that any form could get you enough information to create a survey without further discussion. Therefore I would recommend that you consider a creating a survey consultation request form.

    • Basic contact information
    • Availability in the next two weeks for 30 minute - 1 hour meeting/call
    • Business objectives/questions they are looking to answer
    • Target audience
    • Time constraints
    • What services they think they need (check all that apply) - need you to find/request the sample file; draft the survey; program the survey; analyze the data
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