Course Evaluation Reports

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Course Evaluation Reports

After seeing @JakeW 's awesome example of a longitudinal course evaluation report in Vocalize (on another post), I started wondering, how is everyone else presenting this data to faculty/department chairs/deans? If anyone has a widget in Vocalize or in a regular report that they wouldn't mind sharing, I'm always looking for new and better ways to share this information. Right now, I have reports set up in Vocalize and the widgets are all pretty basic. I only have one semester of data so far, and therefore no longitudinal data (though I'm planning for it in the future). I have bar graphs showing the percentage of answers for each question on one page, then a table for "easy download" on the next. Next, I have bar graphs showing averages for each question and these are aggregated by theme (we have 4 themes identified in our course evaluation). The comments are reported on a separate page, and are in a boring (yet functional) response table. At the beginning of the report I created a page that allows faculty to track the number of respondents by course so they can inform their students and help drive up response rates.
Some faculty love it, some not so much, but my goal is to improve it from one semester to the next :)



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    Here is an example of my favorite course evaluation report. This shows the averages of each question and compares the results across semesters (in the bar graph). The gauge chart shows the aggregate average for all questions in that section of the survey across all semesters selected. The word cloud shows the most common words used in the comment box for that section. I'm not sure how helpful the faculty find this report, but there is a survey link at the top of the page where they can give feedback.

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