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Seeking Input On How to Size Custom HTML Creative To Fit Nicely On Webpage


I am working on a project to collect feedback on a website and am looking for some advice on how to get a Custom HTML creative to fit nicely on the page and to dynamically resize based on the survey content. A similar use-case to what I am trying to achieve is the 'Was this helpful?' survey which can be found on Qualtrics support pages (see screenshot below). Basically, I am trying to first show a very short question which is embedded on a webpage and if the user answers the survey question, then a second question is shown where a comment box is available for the user to add a comment.

The issue I am running into is that when the creative is displayed on a webpage (I am using a bookmarklet to do this), there is a scrollbar at the side of the content and a ton of extra space between the survey question and the 'Powered by Qualtrics' text (see second screenshot below).

What I'm wondering is, how can I best size the Custom HTML creative in my Website/App Feedback project and configure my Survey content so that fits nicely on the page without scrollbars. And second, how do I dynamically resize the creative to fit the second page of my survey once the user answers the first question and is then shown the comment box. Is this something that needs to be done within Qualtrics configuration or configured on the webpage itself? Or both? Again, you can reference the 'Was this helpful' survey on Qualtrics support pages to see what I am trying to achieve.

For your reference, I would be comfortable adding custom JS and CSS to the survey itself and/or Look & Feel if there are examples someone can point me towards.

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  • KendraRKendraR Provo, UT Moderator
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    Hey, Keir! Just wanted to jump in here and let you know that the survey you are referencing to on our support pages is run through an API custom build and not Website/App Feedback. I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team so they can file this functionality as a feature request for the Custom HTML creative type!


  • MsIreenMsIreen FinlandCommunity Member, Product Ideas Sage ✭✭✭
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    I would also like to join the topic for educational reasons, as we have had a issue with the size of the creative and the survey inside it. We were using a custom css code in the survey's look and feel, but at some point it just stopped working and our web survey started to look really strange, even after the css code was removed.

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    Hi @KendraR - thanks for that information, I appreciate you jumping in!

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