Where are resources for new Brand Administrators?

PLackiePLackie MinnesotaCommunity Member Qubie ✭

Where are resources for new Brand Administrators?

I've recently found myself taking on a Brand Administrator role and I haven't found resources for how to do this well. Help!? (I don't even have a copy of the Qualtrics license agreement for my institution. .. and yes, I've tried finding our corporate support person & was unsuccessful.) I'm a pretty basic Qualtrics newbie with 25+ years of social science technical experience.


  • w.patrick.galew.patrick.gale Community Member Guru ✭✭

    @PLackie This forum is the best place. The search features are solid and you can usually get answers to your questions here.

  • PLackiePLackie MinnesotaCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Thanks - I'll see what I can organize in the way of coherent and concise questions. .. though I don't see a category for managing Qualtrics users, for instance.

    My first question is; what is the best way to facilitate faculty lab use of qualtrics? They want 1 shared account for all their lab assistant students. Is this alright?

  • SamSSamS Provo, UTCommunity Administrator Moderator

    Hi, @PLackie! I just wanted to mention that we also have this support page, which you may find to be useful!

  • PLackiePLackie MinnesotaCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Thanks! I'd found it before. I'm glad to know that's what's available.

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