New - Multiple Data Sources in Reports Visualizations!

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New - Multiple Data Sources in Reports Visualizations!

Have you ever run into these problems when building Advanced-Reports?

  • You need to display data from your 2018 and your 2017 surveys in one graph, but can't figure out how.
  • You need to compare respondents of different demographics, but you can only add one breakout to your table at a time, and that just doesn't cover all the traits you want to isolate.
  • You want a mean, minimum, and maximum all in one bar graph... But your only option to display them all together is the Statistics Table.

If you said yes to any of these, you can now consider all your problems solved! Advanced-Reports now allow you to add multiple data sources and metrics to your visualizations!

This feature is compatible with Bar Charts, Data Tables, and Line Charts. You can add data from different surveys, different metrics (mean, NPS, Sum, etc.), and then filter those sources down to isolate complex demographics. Best of all, everybody gets access to this feature!

Additional New Features

Text iQ fans with respondents across the globe will be excited to learn about Multi-Language Sentiment Analysis. Now you can conduct Sentiment Analysis in the native language of the response, making them more accurate. Your Brand Administrator needs to sign off on it for the whole brand, though, because we use Google technology to achieve this, which means sharing data with a third-party software.
(This feature is disabled by default. All Advanced Text clients have the ability to enable it if interested.)

The Qualtrics XM App now supports EX dashboards too! That means you can look at your employee Engagement, Lifecycle, and Pulse dashboards while on the go. Woo hoo!


  • GeorgeIssaGeorgeIssa Pennsylvania / Global OrganizationCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Fantastic to see the improvements with reporting. I will certainly check it out and push the limits of these enhancements.

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