10 Days with Jay: Q&A with Jay Choi, General Manager of Research Core



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    Hi @JayC ,

    I have heard from many people over the community post about the healthy and happy environment at the Qualtrics (and same I am experiencing over the community :) ) . Please share your working experience at qualtrics and what steps you take to maintain the healthy environment in your team ?

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    Hey, I'm new to Qualtrics and looking to tighten up our hiring profiles - if you were building a job req for a hire that you want to train up as a power user on Qualtrics (entry level), what would you specify in the req? Given the visibility you have on the feature plan for the next 2-3 years, what skill sets etc. should we be looking for? (e.g. is python integration coming, for example?)

    Basically, as you've worked across dozens or hundreds of clients, what does the profile (or profile set) of a successful Qualtrics power user look like? Let's assume a perfect unicorn doesn't exist, what should we focus on - business analysis, writing skills, stats, coding background, etc? Likewise, are there any red flags you would call out?

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    Hi @JayC,

    We at UVU have built an integration with Canvas LMS. It's working beautifully and provides grade pass back to the Canvas grade book. We accomplish this, in part, using the Scoring option. However, we currently don't have a method to grab the Total Score possible as default embedded data. Instead, we add a custom embedded data field and manually set the value to the Total Score possible. Could I entice you to add the Total Score possible as a default embedded data field?

    Also, our integration is currently built using the Qualtrics and Canvas APIs, but we are in the final stages of the LTI development. I can arrange a sneak peak of this awesome sauce for you if you have something equally cool to share with me...could be anything from something awesome coming to the Research Core platform, or some cool skill you got.

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    Hi Jay

    Any advice best way to share insights with non-technical users without having to train them on how to be a survey guru?

    Is there an easy way in the research core which enables you to see who is looking at the dashboards we share and create?


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    Hi Jay,

    Qualtrics is said to be "one platform" for all kind of research. How you and your team managed to have all functionalities included within single platform?


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    Hi @JayC!

    I am excited to be attending the summit again this year! I was so inspired last year that I made significant changes in my personal life and my career. Was it Dr. Lovatt? Alex Honnold? Arianna Huffington? Perhaps it was all of them combined...

    I started an online JavaScript course (to become a Qualtrics super user one day), and much to the shock of my family...I now take a beginners hip hop class. (Yes, I did break out with some dance moves when I read what was happening on Fight Night! :D )

    So, I was wondering: From where do you draw your inspiration? And how has this resource influenced your life?

    All my best,

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    @VirginiaM said:
    Hi Jay! I am gearing up for my first year at the X4 Summit and I am so excited to be a speaker this year :) I have a couple of questions for you as well.

    • What do you find the most challenging and most rewarding about your job as the General Manager of Research Core?

    • Knowing what you know now, what career advice would you give to your college-aged self? (This is something I ponder a lot since I currently work at a university).

    Thanks so much!

    Thank you, Ginny, we’re thrilled to have you!

    The most challenging and rewarding are very related. The most challenging is that there are so many different directions we can take our product roadmap. The challenge comes from doing our own research to really find customer needs and pains and what we could do as a platform to solve them. A great example of this is our upcoming ExpertReview data cleansing feature that is coming out. We would watch our users spend hours and hours cleansing their data and as new responses come in they would struggle to incorporate the new data. And we wondered, well, what if we could leverage artificial intelligence to help flag and cleanse the data for our customers? That's also the most rewarding part - when we really dial into something that our customers find valuable and they can't live without. It's an incredibly rewarding and meaningful aspect of my role.

    As for the advice I'd give my college-aged self... Always be grateful. Always find something you can be grateful for in any circumstance you are in. It changes your perspective on everything, and changes how people see you. I use this everyday and always try to see the best in things and be grateful for the opportunities I have.

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    @GillesG said:
    Hi Jay,

    What's the most impressive / inspiring questionnaire you've seen recently? Looking for inspiration here (and I bet most people reading this thread could use some for their future projects!)

    The most impressive I’ve seen was from a friend of mine in business school, who had spent years in research. Not necessarily for his questionnaire, but for his approach. He started by writing down the 3-5 most important strategic decisions he had to make. Then he literally created a powerpoint deck with charts filled with dummy data that he would use to answer that question. He socialized the deck and made sure the executive team agreed on the mock insights before he collected a single piece of data, incorporating feedback as necessary. Then he designed a precision research study with NO fluff questions. It was always short and clear because the output had been thoroughly designed beforehand. I learned a lot from watching how he did that, and he gained a ton of credibility in our company because he sought buy-in before execution.

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    @AdamBoston said:
    Hi @JayC

    Myself and my colleagues are excited for X4 - this will be our first year and would love to know what to expect? Is it as good as people say? Do you have any insider tips to give? What should we make sure not to miss? If you were attending X4 for the first time what would be your key areas of interest? Maybe this is one of your hidden talents? :)

    Well, I don’t know anything about a hidden talent, but I do consider myself quite X-perienced with the conference.

    There is so much to do at X4 that it can be a little daunting at first, but I always give first time attendees a simple framework to think about:

    INSPIRE - Make sure you find the activities and sessions that inspire you to be a better person and better at your job. Some ideas are:

    • Mainstage sessions (Obama, Oprah, etc…)
    • Key customer breakouts you admire how they operate (e.g., Patagonia CHRO)

    EQUIP - Walk out with technical skills, strategic design, tips and tricks to solve your business challenges. Some ideas are:

    • Basecamp training - learn how to use the product like a pro, designed around real customer use cases
    • Design workshops - breakout sessions run by SMEs on program strategy and design
    • Ask the experts - stop by the XM Garage or Ask the experts and ask for a consultation or a specific problem you are facing. You would be surprised at how they can help!

    ENGAGE - find time to engage in the things you have a passion for. A few ideas

    • Networking - find like minded people and hit built-in networking
    • Hit the activities designed for networking like fight-night or the concert
    • Choose an experience day and meet others

    As for insider tips… the minute you get there, ask someone what the dream team is. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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    @Sam said:
    Hi Jay,

    First, I wanted to let you know that I'm excited for X4! I attended the Research Core base camp classes last year, which were great, and I'll be attending the IQ session this year.

    I also have dashboard questions, which I hope fall in your area...
    1. Have you considered not requiring the default time periods and using fiscal/company specific time frames instead? This would be helpful to us in dashboards and data & analysis.
    2. Could you add a suggestion box (of sorts) to dashboards? This would be helpful to collect feedback from employees as we launch them further in our organization.

    Thank you!

    Hi Sam,

    I’m glad you’re stoked for X4! We here at Qualtrics are working day and night to ensure your X4 experience will be even better than your last. :)

    I love both of your suggestions. There’s something to be said for being able to break out data easily by company standards, and while our dashboards do use some quarterly filters, we could always stand to improve on that capability across the product. And as for the suggestion box, what better way to gauge whether an employee experience program is benefiting your workforce than by checking in with them every step of the way? In the meantime, I wonder if a regularly scheduled Lifecycle survey, or a prominent feedback survey link in the dashboard, could empower your employees to provide this sort of feedback. But your insights are really helpful, thank you for suggesting them!

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    @Mol said:
    Hi Jay!

    I'm really excited to be again at the X4 summit and learn about the roadmap and future of the Qualtrics XM platform.

    I wanted to ask you two questions and would love to hear your thoughts about it:

    1. Do you think that NPS Benchmarks are really accurate considering that every company implements NPS in a different way and that this might affect the result you get? (i.e. when and how do you ask the question)

    2. How do you think that A.I. would affect the future of research? How long would it take before i will be able to predict the NPS based on the information that i already have from the interaction, without needing to ask the customer?

    I hope that you are a great visionary and will help us anticipate the future!!!

    Looking forward to learn from you and share great experiences during the event!


    That’s fantastic to hear, Carlos!

    1. Wow. This is a loaded question with great perspectives on both sides. I will try and answer just from my own personal perspective (not trying to reflect the perspective of Qualtrics or the research community). There are many challenges with NPS and all metric forms. But for all the challenges, NPS is an intuitive concept and easy to get started. And for many organizations, that's the hardest part: taking the first step to improve their experience. If NPS helps organizations advance toward being more experience-minded and helps them get started in getting visibility to the experiences they deliver, then I think it serves a noble purpose. And as organizations mature they can add or augment their metric. But the usefulness I see in NPS is its simplicity; just seeing people get started has done wonders for their experience management.

    2. A lot of this can be done today, where inferred customer satisfaction can be made based on behavioral metrics. That being said, predicting NPS is a small fraction of the puzzle for organizations who are experience leaders. What to do about NPS is the magic. The breakthrough organizations have built a culture of customer experience excellence. Being an experience leader is not only about measuring experience, but it’s about the action you take to continually improve experience.

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    @NiC said:
    Hi @JayC,

    So the only Question i could think of which hasn't been asked by my fellow community members is
    How do you guys prioritize the features that need to be added , I am sure you all would have a vision as to what features are to be added to the platform and also constant onslaught of feature requests from various stake holders. I wanted to know as to how you guys balance your plans with the feature requests or are there different teams who work on both ?

    Nihal Chirayath

    Thanks for asking, Nihal! Our ideation process is a multi-faceted one, and like our products themselves, it is always growing and expanding. While we primarily drive our product development on industry needs, we also take the time to carefully read the requests we get to learn where we have gaps, and how we can improve. Often times, the market impulse drives a larger vision, while feature requests act as a practical point of view to fill in the gaps - what in that last release worked, what didn’t work, what would make the process easier, etc. Every product decision also comes with a series of carefully executed peer revisions, research endeavors (that means us asking you what works!), and countless cross-departmental meetings, to ensure that not only company interests, but customer interests are being met as well.

    P.S. - We really do read the feature requests you submit to our support team. :)

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    @ana_velez_voce said:
    Hi @JayC,

    In the company where I work we are in a very important process of growth, facing new challenges and clients. What quality or characteristic do you think has helped you to develop in a great way in a company like Qualtrics with such a rapid growth?

    1. Invest in hiring and developing great people, and never, ever lower your hiring bar. Qualtrics growth is fueled by incredible people. Getting the right people in the right jobs and investing in their own personal journey is the single most important things I do, and I am so incredibly proud of what the team can do.

    2. Be kind. It's not always possible, but when it is, be known for kindness and integrity.

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    @alejandra_rojas_voce said:
    Hello @JayC

    This is a great opportunity to get to know exciting things about you and Qualtrics. What is the biggest challenge you have faced with Research Core at Qualtrics and how you and your team worked it out?

    Thank you :)

    One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is staying focused on the most critical priorities that will really move the business. There are a million things that pop up every week, and everyone feels like they need urgency. Creating structural focus on the 3 year plan that will truly transform our industry: that's hard.

    We tackle this challenge by having a monthly scorecard of our most important initiatives, and writing our press releases a quarter in advance. At the end of this quarter, we want this press release to be true. And we work toward it every quarter.

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    @Shashi said:
    Hi @JayC ,

    I have heard from many people over the community post about the healthy and happy environment at the Qualtrics (and same I am experiencing over the community :) ) . Please share your working experience at qualtrics and what steps you take to maintain the healthy environment in your team ?

    I’ve done a lot of rewarding work in my life, but one of the things I love about Qualtrics is that I actually feel energized when I get up in the morning. I think everyone gets the Monday blues, but for me there’s always that additional thought of, Well, at least I’m going to Qualtrics. One thing I’m extremely grateful for at Qualtrics is that it’s a place where I can fit in as my authentic self. I simply can’t go through meetings without laughing or everyone poking fun at each other or just taking a break when it gets too serious. It’s not unusual on my team to spend the first 5 minutes of a meeting sharing a funny youtube video, meme, or story. I think it’s so cool that I work for a company where it’s ok that I don’t run meetings the “traditional way,” and where it’s safe to crack jokes and be real, or have career one-on-ones at Taco Bell.

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    @KevinK said:
    Hey, I'm new to Qualtrics and looking to tighten up our hiring profiles - if you were building a job req for a hire that you want to train up as a power user on Qualtrics (entry level), what would you specify in the req? Given the visibility you have on the feature plan for the next 2-3 years, what skill sets etc. should we be looking for? (e.g. is python integration coming, for example?)

    Basically, as you've worked across dozens or hundreds of clients, what does the profile (or profile set) of a successful Qualtrics power user look like? Let's assume a perfect unicorn doesn't exist, what should we focus on - business analysis, writing skills, stats, coding background, etc? Likewise, are there any red flags you would call out?

    Hmmm...this might not be the answer you’re looking for, but if I were hiring for this type of role, I would think about a couple things:

    1. Storytelling (with data) - What matters more than great research is moving an organization to action on an insight. It’s all about finding someone who understands how to craft a story that frames the core issue, the relevant facts, and an inspiring course of action.
    2. Business acumen - Answering the right question is important. A lot of times, the key question we need to answer isn’t obvious. Someone who is relentless in finding the root decision to be made will always be an advantage, because they are spending their time on the right areas.
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    @jpardicusick said:
    I thought of another question:

    I know many individuals who are successful in their careers have interesting hobbies or talents that while aren't directly related to business, help fortify the characteristics that lead to career success. One example is a colleague of mine who practices martial arts, which helps him build discipline that carries over to his work ethic. @JayC, do you have any hobbies or special talents that at first glance seem completely unrelated but actually do help you achieve your career goals?

    Haha, this is a little embarrassing, but…

    1. Acting - I almost pursued a career in acting, but ultimately went down a different path. But it's incredible how useful it’s been, as I find myself constantly giving large presentations where I draw upon stage presence skills. Never intended, but always useful.

    2. Taco Bell - This isn't a skill... or maybe it is, haha. But I absolutely love Taco Bell, and for some reason there's a small society of people in any company that share this passion. You make friends quick.

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    @AnthonyR said:
    Hi Jay,

    Two questions for you:

    As far as the research core goes, what upcoming additions / changes to the product excite you the most, and why? Would love to get some insight into your thought processes on how to drive the platform forward.

    As you work to move the Research Core product forward, what are the things you look for as you hire members on to the engineering side of your team? Is it people who bring fresh ideas to the table, people with tons of experience, some combination of these things, or something different entirely?

    Appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions!

    Hi Anthony,

    One of the projects most exciting to me right now is coming from our ExpertReview family of products. In the past, we’ve broken industry ground by being the first to add artificial intelligence and machine learning into a research platform. We plan to add significantly more to ExpertReview with survey quality analysis and the establishment of brand-wide sensitive data policies, and now we’re continuing to beat top competitors in the industry by developing a product that can help customers parse the quality of their data.

    Another area we are investing heavily is our automation platform called XM Solutions. Our goal is to make world class research methodologies simple and accessible to anyone. Similar to how you don’t have to be a tax expert to do your taxes anymore, we hope to do the same in research. We want to enable individuals and organizations to build their own content on top of the platform.

    It’s been incredible to see how the ExpertReview and XM Solutions brand has grown in just a few short months.

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    Hi @JayC,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I have two questions for you.

    1) Are their any improvements in the works for Results Reporting? Our office still prefers Results Reporting over New Reporting and it would be great if Results Reporting could receive the same features that have rolled out to New Reporting.

    2) Are there any plans to better communicate new features for the Research Core as they roll out? Currently some features are communicated through the Community, others are communicated through the Product Update page (https://www.qualtrics.com/product-updates/?solution=rc) and others I just find on my own while using the tool. For example, the new Text IQ was announced in the Community and never showed up on the Product Update page. It is my responsibility to keep my team up to date on new RC features and this has become increasingly more difficult in the last few months.

    Thanks again!

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    @JayC thanks for your thoughtful answers! I thought of another question, if you don’t mind.

    What made you want to work at Qualtrics and can you tell us about your journey to get where you are today?

    It seems like an incredible company to work for (and if I ever work there I’ll be a member of your Taco Bell fan club)!

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