Website Auto Update with New Response

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Website Auto Update with New Response

I am brainstorming a survey and an associated website project that can essentially serve as a database for faculty members. I plan to send the survey out to all my fellow faculty members in our field of medicine in order to get responses that describe how they currently have their curriculum set up. As a part of the survey, there will be yes/no questions, multiple choice questions, and open-ended questions. I have a friend that works in the field of data visualization so he will help me a lot with some of the front-end and back-end of the website itself, but I am trying to figure out how to have qualtrics send or share the data with the website. In essence, I want the users to be able to complete the survey and then that data will be fed into the website's database along with all other responses and the user can then look at the aggregate data, the individual data to see how a single institution is organizing their curriculum, or to filter based on specific criteria.

Any literature you could point me towards or maybe another post that someone else had with a similar example would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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    There are two approaches you could take to get the data from Qualtrics into your database. Both would use an Action to call a web service.

    Option 1 - Pipe all the data from the survey you want included in the database into the web service parameter fields and post it to the web service script. The web service script would then update the database.

    Option 2 - Pipe the Response ID into a web service parameter field then have the web service use the Qualtrics REST API to retrieve the response data and update the database.

    Because of the way the V3 API retrieves responses, Option 1 will be faster, and probably easier to code even though you may have a lot of piped fields to deal with.

    You can set you Qualtrics to redirect the respondent to your web site when complete the survey.


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