Is there any other way to connect Qualtrics database apart from API?

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Is there any other way to connect Qualtrics database apart from API?

i want to automatically write qualtrics data to my database. Is there any other way to write data directly to database like MySQL, MSSQL... apart from API

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    I mean no offense by this but that would be a terrible idea generally. Not only from a security implication, but also from an application standpoint. Any communication with your database should be via API generally in order to ensure you have defined strictly what they are allowed to do. you are opening yourself up to all kinds of problems if you open your DB directly. So, no, that's not available and likely never would be.

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    Assuming you are referring specifically to the Qualtrics API, you can write data to your database from a Qualtrics survey using ajax, a webservice call, or and end of survey action. This would require that you write your own web service script (i.e., your own mini database API). It would not require use of the Qualtrics API.


  • semistevesemisteve WACommunity Member - Trial User Qubie ✭

    I have a fairly simple Python process to convert the TSV data exports into relational DB tables (std SQL stmts). Populates one table with the survey questions & answers to support "pretty print" text output of the survey, and a second table with the response data. Would be happy to share (have been thinking to make this my first OSS project). However I have not seen many discussions suggesting converting from the standard Qualtrics row/col export format to relational DB tables is a great need. Obviously I had the need, but my objectives are niche ones. I run using my local DB server after manually downloading the TSV. However can see nothing that would keep if from doing the same on a remote AWS instance.

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