Action Planning for CX is Here!

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Action Planning for CX is Here!

With all the excitement surrounding X4, it's been a while since we made one of these product update posts! Today, we're going to talk about Action Planning in CX Dashboards!

Those of you with EX programs are already well-acquainted to action planning, but for the newbies out there: Action plans can be thought of as initiatives that must be completed in order for a company to reach its larger business goals. Action Plans allow you to assign tasks and plan resolutions to some of your company’s biggest issues with customer experience. For example, if customers disagreed that your product met their needs, a larger-scale action plan could be to redesign that product.

First, you gotta decide who gets to be involved in action planning. Then make an Action Planning Page on your company dashboard. Finally, users can start creating and updating their plans using the Action Planning Editor.

This feature isn't available to all CX licenses, so talk to your Account Executive if you're interested in this feature!

PS - Yes, technically this feature's been out for a few weeks, but it's an incredible improvement on our CX Dashboard offering that I just had to talk about it. ;)

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