The limitations of the new reporting/advanced reporting

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The limitations of the new reporting/advanced reporting

My report building tab updated a few months ago and I have discovered a few limitations with the new reporting that prevent me from using it. I am curious if anyone has found solutions or workarounds for these limitations, and if there are other limitations to the new reporting that I am unaware of.

These are the current limitations I have found.

  • Data tables displaying data from all items in a matrix question will only calculate percentages based off of column totals, not row totals. In Results report you have the option of choosing between row or column totals. This is hugely problematic for me and is the main reason I do not use the new reporting.
  • Results tables with text entry responses are limited to 100 entries. Even when you convert the report to a PDF, there is no button to download all of the text entry responses in the table like there is for Results Reporting.
  • Reports generated in New Reporting cannot be exported to Word, only PDF. I am trying to find a way to export the full report to Word and have Word recognize the tables and graphs properly so I can run some macros on them. Individual graphs and tables can be exported to Word properly, but not the whole report. If you export to PDF then convert to Word, the graphs and tables are recognized as drawings which prevents the use of basic macros.

If you have found solutions please share!



  • GeorgeIssaGeorgeIssa Pennsylvania / Global OrganizationCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    I agree with your second point, that it should not be limited to 100 Responses.

  • VirginiaMVirginiaM Boone, North CarolinaCommunity Member, Product Ideas Guru ✭✭

    I agree with you on all three points--I frequently use row percentages, have over 100 text entry responses, and I have many employees asking for reports in word documents (not just from the research core, but also Vocalize). I would love to see what solutions others have come up with!

  • EmilyEmily Provo, UTCommunity Administrator Administrator

    This is great feedback, @uhrxx005! A few things we wanted to let you, @GeorgeIssa, and @VirginiaM know:

    1. Your first and third points are on our roadmap! Keep an eye out for their release on our Product Updates page.
    2. We think your second point is a great feature request. We recommend that you (and anyone else who is interested in this feature) get in contact with our Support Team and request that the product specialist submit this as a feature request for you!
  • uhrxx005uhrxx005 Community Member Guru ✭✭

    Hi Emily,

    Thank you for the update. That is terrific news!

    For point 3, I know it might be out of your hands but if you could make the Word exports recognize charts and graphs properly in Microsoft Word that would be tremendously useful. I know it can be done because when you export the individuals charts from new reporting it works that way.

    I will put in a feature request for number 2.

    Thanks again!

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