Return to Table of Contents after each block in the Table?

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Return to Table of Contents after each block in the Table?

I have a TOC that has several blocks. Once users start with any block, it just seems to keep going through all the blocks. Is there any way to make users return to the TOC after they finish each block?


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    Hi @treimt,

    We can surely do this.
    1. So firstly we will need the TOC button.
    2. Now if we want the respondents of last Question in a block to be transported to TOC page you can add the following code as shown in the image given below :
    jQuery("#NextButton").click(function() {jQuery("#JumpButton").click() });

    Important - This code should be added on one of the questions on the last page.

    1. Now if we need hide the TOC button , you can add the custom CSS in the Look & Feel Section
      This would be the custom CSS:


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    I think the easiest way to do this is to create a "TOC separator" block that contains a single descriptive text question with JS that clicks the JumpButton. Add the block after each of the other TOC blocks in your survey flow.

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