Where is the Qualtrics team at your University?

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Where is the Qualtrics team at your University?

I've been charged with developing a Qualtrics advisory committee on our campus and expand the overall Qualtrics footprint on at our University, which is great! Currently I'm in the Marketing and Communications department and it doesn't seem to fit well with the larger plan. We aren't a comprehensive research campus, so institutional research isn't an automatic placement. I'd be helping faculty, but also admissions, facilities, the survey institute, human resources, etc. Basically being a program manager for the entire campus. I'm wondering what divisions/department my fellow Qualtrics users and/or administrators are housed under. Anyone in a similar situation? What are the advantages or disadvantages of being where you're at?


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    Hi @JulieT, how exciting! At my university, Qualtrics is housed in Institutional Assessment and Research. We currently have 2 brand administrators and assign faculty and staff accounts upon request--we are still working on a process to give students limited access. The biggest advantage I see in this setup is that we have the most experience using Qualtrics and can give training/guidance to new users individually or as a group. While we provide the initial onboarding, field questions, and offer occasional workshops, we still expect new users to use the Qualtrics online guides, support, and the community to build their Qualtrics skill set. The disadvantages I see are that 1) it's been hard to get the word out to faculty and staff that this resource exists and is available to them and 2) some departments (e.g., Human Resources) do not want to use Qualtrics because the brand administrators in IAR have access to their confidential data. Let me know if you have other questions and best of luck!

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