CONCATENATE - combining answers through survey flow

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CONCATENATE - combining answers through survey flow


Has anyone tried to combine answers from different (open ended) fields into one data field, for reporting purposes?

In excel I would use "CONCATENATE" and I was wondering if this would work from survey flow as well.

The situation is, that for various reasons, we would have e.g. 3 fields of open ended (form) questions, that would need to be kept separate in the form. However, I would like to create a word cloud out of all of the responses. How can I concatenate the answers into one variable through survey flow? Or what would better serve this purpose?

The new, combined variable should be usable in Vocalize.


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    Hi Helena,
    1. Create an embedded variable say "CombineText"
    2. In values click on blue down arrow and select insert piped text and from the question from the list select the form entry option that you need.

    1. Do this for all other option by appending the later options to first.
    2. Your embedded variable will look something like this:


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