New Integrations, SDK Improvements, and Brand-Wide Themes!

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New Integrations, SDK Improvements, and Brand-Wide Themes!

Spring is here, and she brought tons of new Integrations with her! You can now integrate your Qualtrics surveys with Hubspot, Zendesk, Servicenow, Microsoft Dynamics, Zapier, aaaand Freshworks / Freshdesk! (Whew.... That list was so long, give me a sec to catch my breath.) In addition, the Marketo Integration has gotten some cool new capabilities. Once purchased in the XM Marketplace, each of these integrations is accessible in the Actions tab of your survey.

We know those tag managers can be a little tricky sometimes, so Website Feedback fans will be pleased to know we now have an official integration with Adobe Launch, making implementation a whole lot easier. This integration is available at no extra charge.

Meanwhile, Mobile App SDK users can now use the Mobile App Prompt to solicit app reviews! (Granted you have updated to version 1.6 or later.)

Last but not least, we just released the ability for Brand Admins to create and edit themes that can be used by the whole brand! Just open the Themes tab of your Admin page and get to customizing. You can even limit who has access to which themes, since we all know the HR department can't (and shouldn't) be trusted with Marketing's themes.


  • GeorgeIssaGeorgeIssa Pennsylvania / Global OrganizationCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Great to see we now have the control of creating our own Themes. I look forward to creating themes related to the many brands that are part of our corporate structure. Huge Improvement.

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