allowing repsondent to answer until correct

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allowing repsondent to answer until correct

I am very new to Qualtrics Survey platform. We have been using Immediate Feedback Assessment Tests for many years and I would like to continue using similar scoring now using Qualtrics. What I would like to know, is it possible to allow a respondent to answer a question until they get it right, with each incorrect response lowering the point value (Total if correct on first try would be 4 points, then 3 if they get it on second try, then 2.....)?

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    You can do this. One way would be to use javascript.

    Create an embedded data variable (e.g., LoopCtr) and set it to 4. Create another one for the total score (TotScore) and set it to 0. Do this in survey flow. Create a third to monitor which question was the previous one (LastItem) and set it to 999.

    Put your multiple choice question, followed by a page break, and then a descriptive text item. This will be your question and scoring loop.

    Add javascript to the MC question addOnReady. This will compare the question number to the LastItem. If different then set LoopCtr to 4.

    Add javascript to the descriptive text item addOnReady.
    Read the response of the previous question.
    If it is correct: add LoopCtr to TotScore, set LoopCtr to 4 (for the next question)
    if incorrect, decrement LoopCtr.

    Depending on if you want the user to continue answering until they run out of tries or get the correct answer, you can enable and disable the previous and next buttons. You can also change the text of the next and previous buttons to "got it right, go to next question" and "try again" (for example).

    The platform is very flexible. This is just one possible method.


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    I have been trying things like multiple response and having incorrect answers equaling -1 point, but then respondents would have to select the right one or more than one response. Also trying to figure out if display logic can do it, but no luck so far.

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