Intercept "forcing" visitor to take survey - have you seen this?

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Intercept "forcing" visitor to take survey - have you seen this?

Hi everyone,

We routinely receive responses from site visitors stating that they were annoyed that they were forced to take our survey before they could continue shopping. We have it set up so that they can say yes or no to the intercept of course, then we clearly state that they should go back to their shopping visit and then come back to do the survey when done. However, in the past couple days we received still more of these messages that worry me. This is the worst one we have seen:
"Overall satisfied with selection and with the user-friendliness of the website. Frankly, the only frustration I encountered was this survey. I clicked yes to indicate that I would take it when I'd finished my shopping, and then minimized it. It popped up every time I back arrowed to go back to the main selections. I finally decided to take the survey before I had finished shopping."_

Is anyone familiar with this behavior? Is it a browser issue? Help!


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    Hi, @MaryEllenD! I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this. If you haven't already, I would recommend that you reach out to our Support Team so that they can look into your intercept setup with you! :smiley:


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    What type of creative are you using?

    I use sliders as a general rule; I have never experienced this. I wonder if it is a specific creative type. EG: if the cookies aren't establishing themselves to show that a pop-over has been displayed, and should not be displayed anymore. Therefore it keeps popping up and bothering users.

    Do you have the metadata information being captured on the survey? Noticing any patterns in the device type or browser?

    Open your site in a private browser via a couple different browser types or devices. Should help you replicate the issue so you can learn more!

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