API version 3 (something) response exports

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API version 3 (something) response exports

Is there a way I can make a call to export-responses and get the JSON data in the 'older' v3 format so it matches my existing data?

I just spent the day testing /API/v3/surveys/SV_012345678912345/export-responses and comparing it to 'the older v3' of /API/v3/responseexports using the JSON format. The JSON output is completely different and incompatible. I have a QID4 question ID that shows up as QID4_TEXT using the newer export-responses API call and that ID does not even exist in my survey template file. That is a problem since I am mapping the survey configuration (.qsf) template with export data from the API and it totally throws off my code.

The only reason I was testing the newer API call is because the older version does not seem to pull response edits (only the original survey responses).

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    Hi, @w.patrick.gale! It looks like you were able to reach out to our Support Team and work with a representative to determine how you can use the newer API for your specific use case! As they recommended, you are able to export the file manually and then look at the IDs in order to determine how the QIDs should be mapped. With the release of our newer API, we do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused! However, these changes were crucial in making it easier to differentiate data for entered text and chosen answers. We do appreciate your feedback and will be sure to pass your suggestions along to the team! :smile:


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    @KendraR I wouldn't say I accept that answer. The survey export file (or an alternate version) should include the newer data export variable names so we DO NOT NEED to manually map the data to our surveys. I can't imagine it would be difficult to add that. I am trying to AUTOMATE my data processing to prevent data errors and manual mapping is a great way of introducing errors.

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