Export order of block randomization

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Export order of block randomization


in a survey of mine, I have used randomized blocks. I now want to see in which order respondents have been presented with the blockand have enabled "export viewing order data for randomized survey" when exporting my data, but I'm struggeling to understand the extra columns. I do understand that "1|2|3" in "Block1_DO" means that the respondent has seen question 1 first, then question 2 and then question 3 in Block1. However, what do the columns starting with "FL_" mean? Do they refer to block randomization?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    Hi @nschwitter
    Do you have randomizer in survey flow to randomize blocks? If yes then the order of the blocks is showing in "FL_" column.


  • nschwitternschwitter Community Member Qubie ✭

    Thanks, @Subu! I just found out how to display the block IDs (it's in the survey flow editor), so now it's clear to me.

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