Change image based on language

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Change image based on language

I know this may be a long shot, but is it possible to have a different image load for the "logo" based on the language selected by the survey recipient?


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    Hello @HPowell ,

    At the start of the survey, using branch logic detect the respondent language. Based on this, set an embedded data (eg: EDsrc) with value as the source URL of image wrt language.

    Pipe in this embedded data as the value of src attribute of img tag.

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    @HPowell Not if you are placing your logo using the 'Logo' option under Look & Feel. Specify my logo in the HTML at the bottom of the page in Look & Feel/General/Footer but you could add it to the Header (just depends on where you want the placement).

    At any rate, you could do something similar to the discussion below (same basic concept) but you need to be comfortable working with Javascript and CSS:

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