How to randomize a set of blocks to display

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How to randomize a set of blocks to display

I would like my respondents to have the same base elements of the survey, then either randomly be assigned a set of blocks about trees or about sea turtles. How can I get my survey flow to show either one set of blocks or the other? I don't want to randomize per block, but randomize per group of blocks.



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    In survey flow add a randomizer element. Then put your tree and sea turtle blocks inside the randomizer. Change the present block number to 1 so that only one of the blocks is shown (the default is the number of blocks present).

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    Hello @sarahh ,

    Agreed with @WaterSampler , but if you have multiple blocks of "trees" or "sea turtles" then you can group the blocks using group element and use this in randomizer

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