Major Email Spam Update & Integration Changes

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Major Email Spam Update & Integration Changes

An update has been rolled out that will hopefully please both survey creators and recipients. Now, when a recipient marks an email from Qualtrics as spam, they will be opted out of the contact list the email was sent to. Since the recipient is opted out, this decreases the number of emails going straight to their spam folder, increasing Qualtrics' email deliverability and thus your ability to email all your enthusiastic participants. You can even check on how many people have listed your email as spam (Status "Complaints"), which can be helpful for detecting if an email should be rewritten or a contact list should be cleaned up to improve future response rates.

There are some important things to note with this update:

  • The recipient is only opted out of the mailing list, not the whole XM Directory or other mailing lists the contact might belong to.
  • The recipient is only opted out if they manually mark the email as spam - we can't tell if the email provider has been throwing certain emails into the Junk folder without the recipient's input.
  • If you have an SMTP relay set up, your server, not Qualtrics', is being alerted about the spam, so the automatic opt-out will not be applied.
  • This feature does not disable the ability to manually opt someone into or out of the contact list.
  • This feature does not apply to EX emails.

Please see the Avoid Being Marked as Spam support page for more guidance on.... how to avoid being marked as spam.

Since my last post, there have also been some more developments with our newest integrations. The HubSpot Task now allows you to create tickets in HubSpot, update tickets, create companies, and update companies. Meanwhile, the Zendesk Task now allows you to create records in Zendesk, update records, create profiles, and update profiles.


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    Hi, I have a general product updates question: is there a reason why certain updates are posted here in Community and some are posted at the main XM link? I've been checking both areas for updates but I'm curious if there's any logic to having two spots.

  • KatharineSKatharineS SLCCommunity Administrator Administrator

    Great question, @jesslyn_boisclair! Product updates serves as a master list for our public-facing roadmap. These community updates are curated based on what would most interest community members, and to highlight corresponding support pages that've been written to support these updates.

  • jesslyn_boisclairjesslyn_boisclair Community Member Qubie ✭

    Got it, thanks @KatharineS!

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