How to combine surveys into a single survey flow?

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How to combine surveys into a single survey flow?

Hello, we recently upgraded from the free license to a paid version. My impression of "survey flow" was that once more than one survey could be activated (in the paid version), survey flow would allow us to string together multiple surveys into a single experience. One example of this would be having one survey that is an informed consent form, and then another survey containing the actual questions. I was anticipating survey flow would allow me to order these and have informed consent appear, and once agreed to, the user would be taken to the actual survey.

This doesn't appear to be how survey flow works, since I cannot access any of my other surveys when adding steps there.

What's the best practice when attempting to do something simple like this (informed consent, followed by a survey)? As far as I can tell, you can't build informed consent directly into a survey itself. Thanks in advance for your comments.


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    Thanks! This link was very helpful. I was able to get it working with both surveys setup as anonymous. I think that will be fine, but I wonder if we eventually choose to make it invitation only will this still be possible?

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    There's another slight problem with this approach (unless it can be done non-anonymously). I generated some personalized links to the survey (which point to the first survey, the informed consent one). I can email these out to respondents, but if they accept the informed consent, start the survey, leave, and try to continue the survey later, they will get an error that says you've already completed the survey or your session has timed out. This makes sense because the personalized link really points to the informed consent form, and not the actual survey. Anyone know if there's a way around this, or has anyone else encountered this when dealing with informed consent?

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    @cprice you can customize the message they see inside of survey editor.

    In your consent survey:

    • Survey Flow

      • Set your End of Survey Element to redirect to the next survey
    • Survey Options

      • In Survey Protection, check show a custom message when a respondent revisits a previously completed link
      • Create a message with the same anonymous link that is in the End of Survey Element redirect. Users will have to click on the link. But this will allow them to go from the invitation to the consent form to picking up and continuing with where they left off in the second survey.
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    Thanks, this is awesome!!! It makes total sense, and does work, but still seems to require the second survey to be anonymous. Is there a way around that? i.e. have the second survey's responses "tracked" from the personalized link as well?

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    @cprice they only way I can think about doing this is through an authenticator. In your Survey Flow redirect you would add on a variable like email address as a query string. Then in the authenticator feature of your second survey you could set it to prefill so the person tracks but they don't have to enter anything themselves. You would need to test what happens when someone tries to come back to the second survey after suspending. But if it is intelligent to track IP address from session to session then it should be fine. Otherwise they would hit the authenicator and be forced to type in their email address to restart the survey (in the case that they clear their internet and the computer can't remember them from before).

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    Thank you for the reply. I'm not sure why I didn't think of this earlier, but I ended up just building informed consent straight into the survey as a block up front. This way I can use survey flow and branches to either let them proceed or not depending on their response to that question block. Would there be any best practice reason to have informed consent in a completely separate survey (as we were originally discussing)? Thanks!

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