How to exclude False Detractors on NPS?

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How to exclude False Detractors on NPS?

Hello! We recently started using Qualtrics for our NPS survey. Our previous system automatically excluded false detractors from our score and I am trying to find a way to accomplish something similar with Qualtrics.

False Detractor example: Client gave a rating of 0 but in their comments they said that they love everything we do for them but hate competition.

I reached out to support and they suggested creating branch logic in the survey flow with conditions that say if a detractor and they comment with specific words such as, happy, love, great, amazing etc. then don't record the response.

While this will work, I agree support when they said that there is opportunity to miss real detractors. Real Detractor example: My fiend loves working with you all but I had the worst experience ever.

Has anyone run into this, if so how did you handle it? Thanks in advance!


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    I sometimes have the need to edit surveys for reasons such as this. Beyond the method you've mentioned, I don't think there are a whole lot of options here for automating the edits needed.

    All of my survyes have a trigger when responses are below a certian threshold (e.g.: Detractos) that poses the question, "Do you want follow-up from a manager reguarding your dissatisfaciton?". If yes the manager will follow-up and let me know what the results are. In the event of a mistake, I use the Survey re-take option to fix the resonse to the correct intended response. I like re-take becuase I have a CRM integration that houses the survey responses, so this pushes the correct answer in there.

    Otherwise, I will just edit from the data and analysis tab. Delete any answers that need to be "missing". But that gets hard because certian exports won't aknolwedge your manual removal; so you need to be careful when it comes time to run analyses.

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    Yeah- you're going to want to be careful if the updates are being pushed to a CRM.

    I use the Qualtrics Integration for Salesforce. Your usecase might be different. But using what Qualrics has for SF: Responses will only get pushed to SF when the survey is "complete".

    So, editing responses in the Data and Analysis tab will not push them to SF. You will want to either retake the response:
    Or simply edit the data in qualrics, and on the already submitted SF record.


  • KOglesKOgles Pontiac, MI Community Member Qubie ✭

    Thanks @Kate! We automatically follow up with detractors so we could use the information from that follow up, like you said. We also integrate with a CRM so making the update in Data & Analysis tab seems like the right approach. Your word of caution on the export is concerning. **Do you find that when you make the updates in Qualtrics your data in your CRM is accurate (updates in Qulatrics are reflected in CRM)? **As of today, we only use the CRM to analyze the data. I know Qualtrics has very robust dashboards but we have created triggers for tasks to be completed in the CRM based on responses etc.

  • KOglesKOgles Pontiac, MI Community Member Qubie ✭

    SO glad I asked! We are using Salesforce. Thank you so much for elaborating and guiding us in the right direction. I greatly appreciate it!

  • KateKate Community Member, Product Ideas Superuser ✭✭✭✭

    Of course! I should add if you retake the response: This creates a new record in SF; it does not replace the record such as it does in Qualtrics. You will need to go in and delete the old incorrect record.

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