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Back Button

This is basic feature where we want to add back button throughout the survey but having any branch/logic in between two blocks will disable the back button. This is something Qualtrics development team needs to work on. What if I want to show some values basis on some logic applied on a page and then on next page I need to show values and let the respondent go back to edit values if respondent want to. But this is not possible.

Is there any other hack to achieve it?


  • TomGTomG Raleigh, NCCommunity Member Wizard ✭✭✭✭✭

    You can display the original block again (add it to the survey flow a second time) and the previous answers will be pre-populated.

    Other than that, to the extent possible you can design you survey to avoid survey flow logic between blocks through the use of display logic, skip logic, and JavaScript (for setting embedded variables).

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