How to link multiple surveys based on the participants ID?

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How to link multiple surveys based on the participants ID?

Hello Qualtrics community!

I know someone has already asked a similar question. But my question is slightly different.

I want to link multiple surveys so that they filter into the same database according to participant ID. However, I won't use the "RecipientID" that provided by Qualtrics as I don't want to identify them by their actual names. I will ask participants to create their own unique ID with 4 digits and 2 characteristic (in the way that they can remember). I will use anonymous link.

Anyone know how to do it?

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    Sure, pretty simple, if you're sending to contacts from a list. Just declare your custom ID at the beginning of your survey flow and have it set to pull from a panel (just leave the value blank). For any survey that asks participants to create an ID, also set the value of your custom ID after they do so.

    As an aside, the Qualtrics RecipientID is alphanumeric, not their actual names. But it is long and would be hard to remember so your idea to have them create their own ID is a good one.

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    Thanks JenCx for explaining and sharing!!

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