Dashboard Formatting, creating a blank column

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Dashboard Formatting, creating a blank column

Hi All,

I'd like to make a spacer column / blank field in my simple table widget of a dashboard in order to make it more visible to identify different sets of date ranges, eg YTD and last 30 days. I've tried using the formatting rules but this doesn't always work as when you get a blank value the cell display '-' and you don't get a colour base don the format rules. So to turn this on it's head, I though about creating a blank column to act as a white spacer between sets of values. Is there a way to create a field that remains blank when displaying in a dashboard simple table AND will not display a '-' or N/A? The pic attached show the table I'm trying to split in a more visual way AND without having to use two widgets.

I'm familiar with embedded data and the dashboards setting page so if anyone has done this already it would be good to known what worked best and the caveats.

Thanks very much


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  • KendraRKendraR Provo, UT Moderator
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    Hi, @Rod_Pestell! Unfortunately, there is currently no way to create a blank embedded data field. When you try to set an embedded data field as blank it will come through as either no data or, if you set the field equal to a space, the HTML code for a space will appear. Because of this, it looks like you reached out to the Support Team and they were able to file this as a feature request. If there are any other community members are wanting to implement something similar, be sure to reach out to our Support Team to file a feature request! :smiley:

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