getSelectedChoices on a side-by-side

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getSelectedChoices on a side-by-side

Hi Qualtrics community,

I'm having trouble getting the 'getSelectedChoices' function to work on a side-by-side grid. Can anyone help me out? I'll try to give an example:

A side-by-side with a single column, multiple-answer, and three rows. Think of it like this...

"During what season(s) did you do the following?"
Ride a bike
Drive a motorcycle
Fly a plane

Then you have the four seasons as checkboxes: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

What I would like to do is use the getSelectedChoices function to see what choices were selected for any given row.




  • Hello @Pete_L,

    Not sure about the usage of getSelectedChoices() method in side by side question but you can also use JS for this.

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