Using a Retake Response Link for Multiple Survey Respondents within the Same Survey?

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Using a Retake Response Link for Multiple Survey Respondents within the Same Survey?

I have set up my survey to work like an application system. I have everything down perfectly except for one minor issue that I cannot figure out? Within this survey I can route it in my survey flow through a ?Q_R= retake response link, within email actions, to go from 1. Student 2. Approver One 3. Approver Two. 4. Everybody receives a final copy. I only wanted approvers 1 and 2 to see a summary of the student's responses, so I used embedded data (partially including an API from our banner system) to pull answers in so the approvers didn't have to go through all of the student's previous answers before getting to the approval question they have to answer. This all works great. I do, however, have a unique situation though where a few of the applications only have one approver instead of two, so I did another flow process where it would just go 1. Student 2. Approver 3. Everybody receives a final copy. Again, this works too, with one small exception. In my email action after the student fills out their part which should only go to the approver once, the same email action is sent twice for some reason? The first email gives them the option to approve or deny. The second email (again, it is the same email action as the first one) then goes to the same person showing them their recently submitted answer, before it can be finalized and go on to the next action where everybody receives a final copy. Any ideas? I would really hate to have to make to separate surveys for this unique situation if this can't be done. I will post my survey flow. Thanks in advance for your help.

Surv Flow 1:
Surv Flow 2:
Surv Flow 3:

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    Hi, @over3520! It looks like you were able to reach out to our Support Team and determine that the duplicate email was being caused by a second trigger. Be sure to reach back out to our Support Team again in the future if you would like any further help with the setup of your survey! :smiley:


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    Noticed that you said you used an API to pull (get) data from banner. Can I see how you did it? We are a Banner school and I'd love to have an API call to get data from banner after passing in our student's Network ID...

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