Embedded HTML gets Mangled in the Mailer

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Embedded HTML gets Mangled in the Mailer

I'm trying to send a list of potential degree programs to students that is based on their major and GPA. I then have a Appointment Request Form (qualtrics survey) that is then sent to a counselor when completed. Tableau creates the contact list for me with custom email text in html format. The HTML is in embedded fields in the contact list. I then use piped text to insert it in the email.
So.... each student should get a few degree programs included in the email that is mailed out. These are set up in a bulleted list and include links to the degree program's webpage:

The email appears to strip all of the links and a lot of the text as well. I usually get something like:

  • BA in XYZ at CSU Chico BA in ABC at CSU Fullerton

And, some of the list items are missing and it sometimes removes other parts of the email. If anyone can help, I'd be grateful!


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    We would have to see your html to help. Post it in fences, like:
    Your email html goes here

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    Here is a sample of some HTML that is embedded in the contact list:

    <p>There are actually a variety of fully online degree programs offered throughout the CSU system. Check out the following programs:<UL><li><a href="https://rce.csuchico.edu/sociology/course-requirements">BA: Sociology</a> at CSU Chico</li><li><a href="https://rce.csuchico.edu/social-science">BA: Social Sciences</a> at CSU Chico</li><li><a href="https://www.csusm.edu/el/degreeprograms/onlinesociology/index.html">BA: Sociology/Applied Sociology</a> at CSU San Marcos</li></UL></p>
    <p>Fresno Pacific University’s Degree Completion program is a popular option for many of our students.  They have a flexible scheduling format and one of the highest graduation rates in the valley. Check out the following programs: <UL><li><a href="https://www.fresno.edu/programs-majors/degree-completion/social-welfare">BA: Liberal Arts</a></li><li><a href="https://www.fresno.edu/programs-majors/degree-completion/social-work">BA: Social Work</a></li></UL></p>
    <p>National University has an Associate Degree for Transfer Scholarship that cuts tuition in half if students have an ADT that matches the NU major.  This puts the cost at around $7,000 per year. Check out the following programs:<UL><li><a href="https://www.nu.edu/OurPrograms/CollegeOfLettersAndSciences/SocialSciences/Programs/Bachelor-Arts-General-Studies/">BA: Global Studies</a> with the Global Studies ADT</li><li><a href="https://www.nu.edu/OurPrograms/CollegeOfLettersAndSciences/Psychology/Programs/Bachelor-Arts-Psychology/">BA: Psychology</a> with the Psychology ADT</li><li><a href="https://www.nu.edu/OurPrograms/CollegeOfLettersAndSciences/SocialSciences/Programs/Bachelor-Arts-Sociology/">BA: Sociology</a> with the Sociology ADT</li></UL></p>

    This is what it turned into on the email that was sent (includes all the text down to my name and title):

    There are actually a variety of fully online degree programs offered throughout the CSU system. Check out the following programs: ```



    <a href="https: rce.csuchico.eduociologyourse-requirements?="">
    BA: Sociology at CSU Chico
    </a href="https:>
    BA: Social Sciences at CSU Chico
    </a href="https:>
    BA: Sociology/Applied Sociology at CSU San Marcos
    </a href="https:>
    BA: Liberal Arts
    </a href="https:>
    BA: Social Work
    </a href="https:>
    BA: Global Studies with the Global Studies ADT
    </a href="https:>
    BA: Psychology with the Psychology ADT
    </a href="https:>
    BA: Sociology with the Sociology ADT
    </a href="https:><br> David Shoemaker<br> Transfer Center Coordinator<br> &nbsp;</p> ```

    The changes also merged with my signature, which is no longer visible. I've done some experimentation and it seems that the hyperlinks are the problem. I tried with only a single embedded hyperlink and it doesn't work. However, if I remove the hyperlink tags everything is displayed with the correct format.

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