How to get Qualtrics V3 API to Work with Power BI

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How to get Qualtrics V3 API to Work with Power BI

Since there is no official documentation on how to do this and I'm not familiar with Python, I'm pretty confused on how to do this. I was given this code by a support person but it's not working:

Python 3

import requests
import json
import io, os
import sys
import pandas
from import json_normalize

Setting user Parameters

apiToken = '[ID]'
surveyId = "[ID]"
fileFormat = "csv"
dataCenter = ‘[Datacenter]’

Setting static parameters

requestCheckProgress = 0.0
progressStatus = "inProgress"
baseUrl = "https://{0}{1}/export-responses/".format(dataCenter, surveyId)
headers = {
    "content-type": "application/json",
    "x-api-token": apiToken,

Step 1: Creating Data Export

downloadRequestUrl = baseUrl
downloadRequestPayload = {"format": fileFormat, "compress": False, "useLabels": True}
downloadRequestResponse = requests.request("POST", downloadRequestUrl, json=downloadRequestPayload, headers=headers)
progressId = downloadRequestResponse.json()["result"]["progressId"]

Step 2: Checking on Data Export Progress and waiting until export is ready

while progressStatus != "complete" and progressStatus != "failed":
    print ("progressStatus=", progressStatus)
    requestCheckUrl = baseUrl + progressId
    requestCheckResponse = requests.request("GET", requestCheckUrl, headers=headers)
    requestCheckProgress = requestCheckResponse.json()["result"]["percentComplete"]
    print("Download is " + str(requestCheckProgress) + " complete")
    progressStatus = requestCheckResponse.json()["result"]["status"]

step 2.1: Check for error

if progressStatus is "failed":
    raise Exception("export failed")
fileId = requestCheckResponse.json()["result"]["fileId"]

Step 3: Downloading file

requestDownloadUrl = baseUrl + fileId + '/file'
requestDownload = requests.request("GET", requestDownloadUrl, headers=headers, stream=True)

data = json.loads(requestDownload.content)

df = json_normalize(data['responses'])

data = requestDownload.content
df = pandas.read_csv(io.StringIO(data.decode("utf-8")))

Does anybody have any experience with working the V3 API and Power BI? I'm simply trying to have survey results automated as they come in and they've made it harder than it should be. Do I still have to have a CSV file somewhere on my computer in order to do this? I was under the impression the survey results could be imported right into Power BI.

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    Hi, @RCBIZMarketing! It looks like you were able to reach out to our Support Team and work with an Integrations Specialist. As they mentioned, Qualtrics does not currently have a supported integration with Power BI. Though it may be possible to accomplish this by using the Python Script functionality with our v3 APIs, this process would require some coding abilities from your end that our Support Team is unable to assist with.

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