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Account Integration

I'm a student and opened account through my privet Gmail and didn't know that I need to use the university domain. Now I'm not able to extract the answers to the survey and it's to late to begin it from the start. I've emailed Qualxtrics support asking for integration on Saturday and still didn't hear from them and the schedule of my project becoming very tight
how should I proceed?

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    I'm making a couple of assumptions here, but I'm guess what happend is your University has a licence, but you accidently signed up for a free acount and now your answers are not able to be downloaded.

    I would do a few things: 1) Contact your universities' Qualtrics Brand Administrator. You will either have one for the whole university or for your specific college. They might be able to figure out how to have you share the survey with them, or transfer your account over, or something to get you access to your responses.

    2) Call Qualtrics. That is going to get you a way faster response than email. Please note: This is not an integration question. If you line up in that queue, it will take a lot longer to get an answer! Inform the first person who answers the phone that you need to transfer data from your free account to a univerisy account. That should get you where you need to go! Work through this questionairre to get the number to call:


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    Kate you are a life saver! thanks
    additional issue that I have - I can't log in to the link you have provided... any chance to get the phone number here? thanks in ahead

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    What continent are you in, @galiak?

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