Piped text based on external data

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Piped text based on external data

I want to give each respondent a unique url in a descriptive text question and the end of the survey, recording which link was given to which participant. I have a list of links in an .csv file. Is there a way to do this with piped text? More broadly, is there a way to insert piped text based on external data? For instance, I could imagine wanting to ask a question like in your area (based on zip code) home values changed by x% in the last year, where I have a spreadsheet of house value changes for each zip code.


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    Sure, you can do this by using Embedded Data. Just make sure to declare the field you want to pipe in from your contact list at the beginning of your survey flow and leave it blank, which will tell Qualtrics to pull it in from your panel (aka contact list).

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