Qualtrics dynamic text/slider doesn't work when I change currency symbols

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Qualtrics dynamic text/slider doesn't work when I change currency symbols

I have javascript and a qualtrics slider question that dynamically displays dollar amounts in real time based on where the survey respondent puts the slider. However, I need to code a version of the survey with a different currency (Nepali rupees). However, when I change the "$" symbol in the wording of the survey questions (NOT in the java code), the dollar amounts no longer show up and change dynamically in the survey preview.

I have tried changing the "$" symbol to "Rs." and "रू", and have also tried simply taking it out altogether. The bottom line is that the feature no longer works once the dollar sign is removed from the question text (again, I am not changing the java code here).

-Early in the survey flow, there is an embedded variable created: IA1 = 2000

-Question A is a slider question with a single slider that ranges from 0 to 2000. The original wording of Question A looks like this:

"Your initial request is: $${e://Field/IA1}

How much do you expect to receive?

[Please note that even if the respondent does not want to move the slider, they have to touch it to proceed to the next question.]"

-Question A includes javascript. Here is the code:

    /*Place Your JavaScript Here*/

    var QID = this.questionId;
    var base1=0;
    document.onmousemove = function() {mouseMove()};

    function mouseMove() {
        var x = document.getElementById(QID + "~1~toolTipBox").innerHTML;

        var final1=Number(base1) + Number(x);



-Question B immediately follows Question A on the same page. It has no javascript of its own, and is a plain text type question. Here is the text:

"The amount you expect to receive is: $"

Normally, if a respondent sets the slider to, say, 1000, Question B would change in real time to display "The amount you expect to receive is: $1000". However, when I remove the first "$" in Question A and the only "$" in Question B, this feature disappears, and a respondent who sets the slider to 1000 would see Question B displaying "The amount you expect to receive is: ". Again, when I change the "$" to any other symbol, the same problem occurs.



  • jainshubhamjainshubham Mumbai Community Member Guru ✭✭

    Hi @naco8461,

    I believe this has less to do with the slider question but the issue could well be with the Javascript code in use.

    I replicated your scenario without the JS and kept the questions on different page, and then any currency symbol works fine with the slider.

  • AmieLinAmieLin ChicagoCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Hi @naco8461,
    Any chance you're able to share the java script you created to get $ in sliding scale question? I'm trying to figure that out, as well as adding a comma.


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