Abandon survey in progress, or skip to end

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Abandon survey in progress, or skip to end


I'm want survey participants to be able to either abandon a survey (without closing the browser) or skip to the end.

Looking through previous discussions here the only solution I can find it to add a separate question to each page covering this, and then use skip logic or survey flow to jump to the end. Is there any simpler way?

I really just want a fresh survey to be able to be started on the same device by another respondent without finishing off the in-progress survey.

(The reason the browser can't be closed is that the tablets in use have been locked down to prevent this.)

Thanks for any help!

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  • flebfleb Czech Republic Sage ✭✭✭
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    Hi @tgrayguy,
    you could use your custom HTML button in the header or the footer of your survey instead of a separate question on each page. Like this, you'll place the button on once place (and not to each page) and I think it will also look much better.
    You can either do something like skip logic using (see this discussion ) or you can the button to redirect respondents to another page (see this discussion).

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