SOLVED IT_Why can I not link to two surveys in an email invite from a project?

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SOLVED IT_Why can I not link to two surveys in an email invite from a project?

SOLVED IT :) I am trying to see if it is possible to have links to two surveys in a single survey invite email. I am working from a single project and in that email distribution of that project I wanted to include another survey link that would take the respondent to another survey if they so chose.

For example in Survey A I am asking about coffee and I am giving them the choice to either:
1) Write their response-which links to** Survey A **
2) Audio recored their response- which link to Survey B

So in Survey A's invite email there are TWO links.
1) That just gets pipped in
2) Is a hyperlink to a second survey that is just an embedded link using an anonymous survey link

However, when I test this process I get a "Survey Not Found. Sorry! We were unable to find this survey." does any one know why this is happening? Is this just not a capability that is feasible with Qualtrics?

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    Just wanted to jump in here and let everyone know that you can certainly include two surveys links in one survey invite. As @eosoteo mentioned, one link will be the built in survey link (this will link to the survey that you are sending the invite from) that gets piped in by default and the other would have to be a hyperlink that you manually insert into the body message (this would link to the other survey). If anyone has any further questions on how to best accomplish this setup, be sure to reach out to our Support Team! :smiley:


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    @eosoteo Make sure you post how you solved it so others can learn :)

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