Rollup results up to the highest level of organization to be shown to a user on EX dashboard

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Rollup results up to the highest level of organization to be shown to a user on EX dashboard

We'd like to provide our managers with an access to the aggregated EX results in their org hierarchy up to the highest level of the organization. A manager may "locate" at any level of 8-level hierarchy. At CX side there is a possibility to "allow rollup data" when granting Access rights to the dashboard users, but I haven't found anything similar from EX side. Only way I know is to add comparison values in every widget, but it is not a user-friendly way and as the users can be at any level of the org hierarchy and the number of comparisons is fixed, there could be in many cases just empty fields visible. I'd like just to allow a user to select any org unit above his own org unit from the org hierarchy but not any "sister units" at any levels.

Have you faced any similar situations? Have you been able to find some smart solution to do this?



  • DavidBoehmDavidBoehm Deerfield, ILCommunity Member, XM Advocate Qubie ✭

    Hi - i also faced a similar situation. In researching this further, this could be related to a new feature that Qualtrics is rolling out soon. In the product updates under "in preview", they mention a feature of looking up to the "grand parent". The description is such:

    "The EX product currently supports comparison resolutions relative to self and the parent of the user. This adds support for resolving to the “grandparent”. "

    What I don't know is how they define the grand parent. Is that two level look-up only? Or is the grandparent the top of the hierarchy?

  • jbetzmorettijbetzmoretti Community Member Guru ✭✭

    so we have tried to solve for this by loading a flat manager hierarchy as metadata, and allowing users to use that instead/along with the hierarchy (depending on the user type). so manager level 1 is CEO, manager level 2 is CEO's directs, manager level 3 is the CEO's direct's directs, etc. by using this, we can at least pick two disparate managers in the level 3 category (but can't pick one level 2 manager and then a separate/different manager level 3 manager (if that makes sense)

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