Using the API, how to export a response survey as PDF?

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Using the API, how to export a response survey as PDF?

Hi everyone, as most of you have experienced, there is a way in the web app to export the responses of a specific participant as a PDF. I have been trying to replicate that step using the API. However, I cannot find a way on how to do it. It looks that currently there is no way do that process using the API, but I was wondering if there is a "hacky-way" that someone has found, or if there is another idea on how to export a specific response of a survey as a PDF? If anyone can shed some light on this question, I will appreciate it.



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    Use the API to get the response data, then have your script create the pdf. There are a number of libraries available for creating pdfs, but it depends on the language you are using.

  • hugoandahugoanda PittsburghCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Hi TomG

    Thanks for the response. I am currently trying to format the document with Markdown, and then I will try to export it as a PDF.

    FYI, I have also asked Qualtrics support about this, but it is official that the current API version does not have that feature. They will probably release it in the next one.


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