resize Multi Select Box

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resize Multi Select Box

For "Multiple Choice" --> "Multi Select Box" question, is this type of question support users to select more than 2 choices? Can Qualtrics save the all the answers selected?
Also, I find that the box of this question is too small. How can I resize the box and change the font size? I have tried to add css code in Header. But I found that the styles of all selection questions were changed. I just want to resize one Multi Select Box question. How could I do it with jQuery?
Thanks very much.

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    Accepted Answer

    Yes, use can select more than 2 choices and Qualtrics will save all the selected choices.

    You can change the size using CSS for only that question by inserting the QID in the appropriate place in the CSS rule selector (e.g. #QID1). Or, you could add the CSS to the question by adding it to the question text in a <style> tag. If the selector doesn't have the QID then the style will apply to any questions on that page.

    In jQuery, just find the element you want to modify and use the css function:

    jQuery("#"+this.questionId+" select").css({"font-size":"1em","width":"100%"});


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    Thank you very much @TomG! Your code completely solved my problem.
    Thanks again!

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