Layout and design matrix tables / item boxes

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Layout and design matrix tables / item boxes

Dear community,

I have two questions regarding the matrix table in the attached screenshot.

  1. The distance between (1) and (2) and (6) and (7) is different than the distance between the other scales. I guess this could be due to the text above (1) and (7). Does anyone know how to make the distance equal between all scales from (1) to (7)?

  2. Is there a chance to decrease the distance between the "continue"-button / "back"-button and the last item/row in the matrix table?

Highly appreciate any feedback!


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    Hello @Philipp ,

    If you want to reduce the gap only at the matrix question page the paste the below code in the js(OnReady) of the question:

    jQuery(".Skin #Buttons").css({"margin-top":"0px","padding-top":"0px"});

    If you want at the overall survey level then paste the below CSS at the look and feel style tab - custom css

    .Skin #Buttons {

    You can change the 0px to some other px value as per your look and feel requirement.


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    thank you so much. That worked.

    Do you also know an answer to the first question, so how to make the distance between the radio buttons / columns in the matrix table equal between (1) and (2), (2) to (3) and so forth till (6) to (7) (see screenshot attached)?


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