Add a close button to Thank you page

silvia_barbozasilvia_barboza Community Member Qubie ✭

Add a close button to Thank you page

For the native mobile app SDK survey, I added a custom end of survey message with a button to close the survey (in addition to the "x" on top that closes survey). I would like to hook up the action to close the survey on clicking the button. I know I can add an onClick to the button, but how do I trigger the survey to close from javascript?


  • flebfleb Czech RepublicCommunity Member Sage ✭✭✭

    Hi @silvia_barboza,
    what do you mean by closing the survey? Do you want to close the tab?
    Quick Google search suggested me to use;. It worked me, but I'd recommend to test it using multiple browsers and devices.
    And in case you'd prefer to redirect users to another page, look here.

  • silvia_barbozasilvia_barboza Community Member Qubie ✭
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    Hi fleb,
    I want to close the whole survey flow/end the survey and go back to the mobile app. I tried window.close() and does not close the window. This is a native mobile Qualtrics SDK for iOS and another native SDK for android. I'm assuming the survey is opened in an inappbrowser.

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