I need to calculate median; can the Results Table visualization be on a "Results" report?

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I need to calculate median; can the Results Table visualization be on a "Results" report?

I created a report on the "Reports" > "Results" page because I want to export only a fraction of the questions and filter for certain dates/responses. I export this report to CSV and then finish the tables/figures in Excel. This has made updating/creating reports in Excel much easier, except I need to compute the median value for one question. From the "Reports" > "Results" page in Qualtrics, only Simple and Statistics Tables are available, but I want all the results (so Excel can easily compute median for the column since Qualtrics can't compute median on a Stats Table).

Under "Reports" > "Reports" in Qualtrics, a Results Table visualization is an option, which I can apply the same filter and see all the results that the Simple/Statistics tables include; however, exporting to CSV is not an option on that page (and would be annoying to need 2 reports to get this data). Under "Reports" > "Results" page, the Results Table is NOT an option. I'm trying to avoid exporting all data from the Data & Analysis page then having to find that one column and filter in Excel. It's a large survey and I'm trying to make updating reports easy.

Is there a way to have a results table instead of a frequency table in the "Reports" > "Results" page so I can export to CSV along with the rest of the selected questions/filtered responses?

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    Hi, @mthevenin! While the "Results" table is not an option in results-reports, the simple table visualization will provide you with you basic information about a selected metric for a given data source and give you the option to add a breakout. If you have any further questions on how to best set up your report, be sure to reach out to our Support Team!

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