Question scoring and randomization

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Question scoring and randomization

Hi fellow Qualtrics users,

Does anyone know how to solve my problem, described below?

I have a set of 10 yes/no questions. These 10 questions need to be randomly displayed to participants. Every "yes" should be scored 1 and every "no" should be scored 0. At the point when participants give 5 "yes" answers (that is, when the score = 5), I want participants to be directed to another question (let's call it Question X). How could I set this up?

I am familiar with the scoring tool on Qualtrics and I know how to set embedded data to capture the score. However, I am facing two challenges:
1. How can I check for the score after each question, and when score = 5, direct participants to Question X?
2. How to randomly display all 10 yes/no questions with the logic I described above? The randomizer in the survey flow does not seem amenable to the complex logic, although I can see how solving (1) potentially solves (2) as well.

Thank you very much.

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    Try using display logic. In your group of 10, display the question if the score is less than 5. If the score is greater or equal to five, subsequent questions will be hidden until you get to the next question


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    Oops, forgot to say that you should count your yesses (score) them in javascript and put the count into an embedded data variable. Then use the embedded data as the display logic test. Declare the embedded data in survey flow at the start of the survey.

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